As Introduced

124th General Assembly
Regular Session
H. B. No. 175

REPRESENTATIVES White, Allen, Brinkman, Calvert, Collier, DeWine, Driehaus, Faber, Fessler, Flowers, Husted, Jerse, Jolivette, Lendrum, Otterman, Roman, Schmidt, Seaver, Setzer, Webster, Wolpert, Womer Benjamin

To establish the Task Force on Faith-Based1
Organizations and to require that it recommend the2
best means for the state to assist faith-based3
organizations in providing public services and in4
cooperating with public agencies in assisting5
those who receive public services.6


       Section 1. (A)(1) There is hereby created the Task Force on7
Faith-Based Organizations, which shall consist of seventeen8

       (2) The Directors of Administrative Services, Aging, Alcohol10
and Drug Addiction Services, Budget and Management, Development,11
Job and Family Services, and Youth Services shall each appoint to12
the Task Force one employee of that Director's department or13

       (3) The Speaker of the House of Representatives shall15
appoint to the Task Force two members of the House of16
Representatives, not more than one of whom shall be from the same17
political party. The President of the Senate shall appoint to the18
Task Force two members of the Senate, not more than one of whom19
shall be from the same political party and at least one of whom20
shall be from the legislative black caucus.21

       (4) The Governor, Speaker of the House of Representatives,22
and President of the Senate shall each appoint to the Task Force23
two representatives of the faith-based and nonprofit community.24

       (B) The appointments to the Task Force shall be made within25
thirty days after the effective date of this section. Any vacancy26
that occurs on the Task Force shall be filled in the same manner27
as the original appointment. The members of the Task Force shall28
serve without compensation.29

       (C) At its initial meeting, the Task Force shall elect a30
chairperson and other officers it considers necessary. The31
chairperson shall be a member of the Task Force who is a member of32
the House of Representatives.33

       (D) The Department of Job and Family Services shall provide34
office space, staff, supplies, services, and other support to the35
Task Force.36

       (E) The Task Force shall do both of the following:37

       (1) Recommend the best means to provide state and federal38
funds to faith-based organizations so that they may provide public39
services in a manner that complies with both the United States40
Constitution and the Ohio Constitution;41

       (2) Recommend the best means to remove any barriers that may42
exist to faith-based organizations cooperating with public43
agencies in assisting those who receive public services.44

       (F) This section does not prevent, and shall not be construed45
to prevent, any faith-based organization from providing public46
services, or from cooperating with public agencies in assisting47
those who receive public services, in any manner authorized under48
current law.49

       (G) The Task Force shall issue a report of its50
recommendations by not later than eight months after the effective51
date of this section. The Task Force shall provide a copy of the52
report to the Governor, Speaker of the House of Representatives,53
and President of the Senate.54

       Section 2. Upon the issuance of its report or twelve months55
after the effective date of this section, whichever occurs first,56
the Task Force on Faith-Based Organizations shall cease to exist.57