As Passed by the House

126th General Assembly
Regular Session
Am. H. B. No. 312

Representatives C. Evans, Trakas, DeGeeter, Yuko, Williams, Fende, Allen, S. Patton, D. Evans, Key, Chandler, Stewart, D., Law, Uecker, Hughes, DeWine, Wolpert, Brown, Sayre, Driehaus, White, Barrett, Blessing, Calvert, Combs, Flowers, Garrison, Harwood, Latta, McGregor, J., Mitchell, Otterman, Patton, T., Perry, Reidelbach, Schaffer, Schlichter, Setzer, Smith, G., Stewart, J., Taylor, Wagoner, Woodard, Book 

To amend section 3501.29 of the Revised Code to 1
ensure handicapped parking at polling places and 2
to require the director of a board of elections to 3
sign a statement verifying the availability of 4
that parking before each election.5


       Section 1. That section 3501.29 of the Revised Code be 6
amended to read as follows:7

       Sec. 3501.29.  (A) The board of elections shall provide for 8
each precinct a polling place and provide adequate facilities at 9
each polling place for conducting the election. The board shall 10
provide a sufficient number of screened or curtained voting11
compartments to which electors may retire and conveniently mark12
their ballots, protected from the observation of others. Each13
voting compartment shall be provided at all times with writing14
implements, instructions how to vote, and other necessary15
conveniences for marking the ballot. The presiding judge shall16
ensure that the voting compartments at all times are adequately17
lighted and contain the necessary supplies. The board shall18
utilize, in so far as practicable, rooms in public schools and19
other public buildings for polling places. Upon application of the 20
board of elections, the authority which has the control of any 21
building or grounds supported by taxation under the laws of this 22
state, shall make available the necessary space therein for the 23
purpose of holding elections and adequate space for the storage of 24
voting machines, without charge for the use thereof. A reasonable 25
sum may be paid for necessary janitorial service. When polling 26
places are established in private buildings, the board may pay a 27
reasonable rental therefor, and also the cost of liability 28
insurance covering the premises when used for election purposes, 29
or the board may purchase a single liability policy covering the 30
board and the owners of the premises when used for election 31
purposes. When removable buildings are supplied by the board, they 32
shall be constructed under the contract let to the lowest and best 33
bidder, and the board shall observe all ordinances and regulations 34
then in force as to safety. The board shall remove all such 35
buildings from streets and other public places within thirty days 36
after an election, unless another election is to be held within 37
ninety days.38

       (B) The(1) Except as otherwise provided in this section, the39
board shall assure thatensure all of the following:40

       (a) That polling places are free of barriers that would 41
impede ingress and egress of handicapped persons, that;42

       (b) That the minimum number of special parking locations, 43
also known as handicapped parking spaces or disability parking 44
spaces, for handicapped persons are designated at each polling 45
place in accordance with 28 C.F.R. Part 36, Appendix A, and in 46
compliance with division (E) of section 4511.69 of the Revised 47

        (c) That the entrances of polling places are level or are 49
provided with a nonskid ramp of not over eight per cent gradient, 50
and that;51

       (d) That doors are a minimum of thirty-two inches wide. Each 52
county shall comply with these requirements according to the 53
following timetable:54

       (1) At least fifty per cent of the polling places in each55
county shall be in compliance by November 1, 1980;56

       (2) At least seventy-five per cent of the polling places in 57
each county shall be in compliance by November 1, 1981;58

       (3) AllNotwithstanding division (B)(1)(a), (c), or (d) of 59
this section, certain polling places in each county shallmay be 60
in compliance by November 1, 1982, except those that are61
specifically exempted by the secretary of state upon certification 62
by a board of elections that a good faith, but unsuccessful, 63
effort has been made to modify, or change the location of, such 64
polling places.65

       (C) At any polling place that is not in compliance with the 66
requirements of division (B) of this section or is exempted from 67
compliance by the secretary of state, the board of elections shall 68
permit any handicapped elector who travels to that elector's69
polling place, but who is unable to enter the polling place, to 70
vote, with the assistance of two polling place officials of major71
political parties, in the vehicle that conveyed that elector to 72
the polling place, or to receive and cast that elector's ballot at 73
the door of the polling place.74

       (D) The secretary of state shall:75

       (1) Work with other state agencies to facilitate the76
distribution of information and technical assistance to boards of77
elections to meet the requirements of division (B) of this78

       (2) Work with organizations that represent or provide80
services to handicapped, disabled, or elderly citizens to effect a 81
wide dissemination of information about the availability of82
absentee voting, voting in the voter's vehicle or at the door of83
the polling place, or other election services to handicapped,84
disabled, or elderly citizens.85

       (E) Before the day of an election, the director of the board 86
of elections of each county shall sign a statement verifying that 87
each polling place that will be used in that county at that 88
election meets the requirements of division (B)(1)(b) of this 89
section. The signed statement shall be sent to the secretary of 90
state by certified mail.91

       (F) As used in this section, "handicapped" means having lost 92
the use of one or both legs, one or both arms, or any combination 93
thereof, or being blind or so severely disabled as to be unable to 94
move about without the aid of crutches or a wheelchair.95

       Section 2. That existing section 3501.29 of the Revised Code 96
is hereby repealed.97