As Introduced

126th General Assembly
Regular Session
H. B. No. 4

Representative Dolan 

To amend section 181.52 of the Revised Code to create 1
the Ohio Incident-Based Reporting System in the 2
Office of Criminal Justice Services and to require 3
that law enforcement agencies that receive certain 4
types of funding participate in the system or in 5
the Uniform Crime Reporting Program of the F.B.I.6


       Section 1. That section 181.52 of the Revised Code be amended 7
to read as follows:8

       Sec. 181.52.  (A) There is hereby created an office of9
criminal justice services. The governor shall appoint a director10
of the office, and the director may appoint, within the office,11
any professional and technical personnel and other employees that12
are necessary to enable the office to comply with sections 181.5113
to 181.56 of the Revised Code. The director and the assistant14
director of the office, and all professional and technical15
personnel employed within the office who are not public employees16
as defined in section 4117.01 of the Revised Code, shall be in the17
unclassified civil service, and all other persons employed within18
the office shall be in the classified civil service. The director19
may enter into any contracts, except contracts governed by Chapter20
4117. of the Revised Code, that are necessary for the operation of21
the office.22

       (B) Subject to division (E)(F) of this section and subject to23
divisions (D) to (F) of section 5120.09 of the Revised Code24
insofar as those divisions relate to federal criminal justice acts25
that the governor requires the department of rehabilitation and26
correction to administer, the office of criminal justice services27
shall do all of the following:28

       (1) Serve as the state criminal justice services agency and29
perform criminal justice system planning in the state, including30
any planning that is required by any federal law;31

       (2) Collect, analyze, and correlate information and data32
concerning the criminal justice system in the state;33

       (3) Cooperate with and provide technical assistance to state34
departments, administrative planning districts, metropolitan35
county criminal justice services agencies, criminal justice36
coordinating councils, agencies, offices, and departments of the37
criminal justice system in the state, and other appropriate38
organizations and persons;39

       (4) Encourage and assist agencies, offices, and departments40
of the criminal justice system in the state and other appropriate 41
organizations and persons to solve problems that relate to the 42
duties of the office;43

       (5) Administer within the state any federal criminal justice44
acts that the governor requires it to administer;45

       (6) Administer funds received under the "Family Violence46
Prevention and Services Act," 98 Stat. 1757 (1984), 42 U.S.C.A.47
10401, as amended, with all powers necessary for the adequate48
administration of those funds, including the authority to49
establish a family violence prevention and services program.50

       (7) Implement the state comprehensive plans;51

       (8) Audit grant activities of agencies, offices,52
organizations, and persons that are financed in whole or in part53
by funds granted through the office;54

       (9) Monitor or evaluate the performance of criminal justice 55
system projects and programs in the state that are financed in56
whole or in part by funds granted through the office;57

       (10) Apply for, allocate, disburse, and account for grants58
that are made available pursuant to federal criminal justice acts,59
or made available from other federal, state, or private sources,60
to improve the criminal justice system in the state. All money61
from such federal grants shall, if the terms under which the money62
is received require that the money be deposited into an63
interest-bearing fund or account, be deposited in the state64
treasury to the credit of the federal program purposes fund, which65
is hereby created. All investment earnings of the fund shall be66
credited to the fund.67

       (11) Contract with federal, state, and local agencies,68
foundations, corporations, businesses, and persons when necessary69
to carry out the duties of the office;70

       (12) Oversee the activities of metropolitan county criminal71
justice services agencies, administrative planning districts, and72
criminal justice coordinating councils in the state;73

       (13) Advise the general assembly and governor on legislation74
and other significant matters that pertain to the improvement and75
reform of criminal and juvenile justice systems in the state;76

       (14) Prepare and recommend legislation to the general77
assembly and governor for the improvement of the criminal and78
juvenile justice systems in the state;79

       (15) Assist, advise, and make any reports that are requested80
or required by the governor, attorney general, or general81

       (16) Develop and maintain the Ohio incident-based reporting 83
system in accordance with division (C) of this section;84

        (17) Adopt rules pursuant to Chapter 119. of the Revised85

       (C) The office of criminal justice services shall develop and 87
maintain the Ohio incident-based reporting system to facilitate 88
the sharing of information with the federal bureau of 89
investigation and participating law enforcement agencies in Ohio. 90
The Ohio incident-based reporting system shall be known as OIBRS. 91
In connection with OIBRS, the office shall do all of the 92

        (1) Collect and organize data for reporting to the national 94
incident-based reporting system operated by the federal bureau of 95

        (2) Analyze and highlight mapping data for participating law 97
enforcement agencies;98

        (3) Distribute data and analyses to participating law 99
enforcement agencies;100

        (4) Encourage nonparticipating law enforcement agencies to 101
participate in OIBRS by offering demonstrations, training, and 102
technical assistance;103

        (5) Help develop the Ohio law enforcement information sharing 104
initiative in cooperation with the department of public safety, 105
the attorney general, the Ohio association of chiefs of police, 106
and the buckeye state sheriff's association and, upon request of 107
the governor, administer within the state any other information 108
sharing programs related to OIBRS;109

        (6) Provide assistance, advice, and reports requested by the 110
governor, the general assembly, or the federal bureau of 111

        (7) Require every law enforcement agency that receives 113
federal criminal justice grants or state criminal justice 114
information system general revenue funds through the office to 115
participate in OIBRS or in the uniform crime reporting program of 116
the federal bureau of investigation.117

        (D) Upon the request of the governor, the office of criminal118
justice services may do any of the following:119

       (1) Collect, analyze, or correlate information and data120
concerning the juvenile justice system in the state;121

       (2) Cooperate with and provide technical assistance to state122
departments, administrative planning districts, metropolitan123
county criminal justice service agencies, criminal justice124
coordinating councils, agency offices, and the departments of the125
juvenile justice system in the state and other appropriate126
organizations and persons;127

       (3) Encourage and assist agencies, offices, and departments128
of the juvenile justice system in the state and other appropriate129
organizations and persons to solve problems that relate to the130
duties of the office.131

       (D)(E) Divisions (B) and, (C), and (D) of this section do not 132
limit the discretion or authority of the attorney general with 133
respect to crime victim assistance and criminal justice programs.134

       (E)(F) Nothing in this section is intended to diminish or135
alter the status of the office of the attorney general as a136
criminal justice services agency or to diminish or alter the 137
status or discourage the development and use of other law 138
enforcement information systems in Ohio.139

       Section 2. That existing section 181.52 of the Revised Code 140
is hereby repealed.141