As Passed by the Senate

126th General Assembly
Regular Session
S. B. No. 277

Senators Jacobson, Kearney, Cates, Armbruster, Coughlin, Gardner, Grendell, Harris, Jordan, Padgett, Clancy, Mumper, Niehaus, Schuler 

To create the National Statuary Collection Study 1
Committee to recommend an individual to replace 2
Governor William Allen as one of Ohio's 3
representatives in the National Statuary 4
Collection in the United States Capitol.5


       Section 1. (A) There is hereby created the National Statuary 6
Collection Study Committee consisting of the following members:7

       (1) Three members of the Senate, appointed by the President 8
of the Senate, with one member appointed from a recommendation by 9
the Minority Leader of the Senate;10

       (2) Three members of the House of Representatives, appointed 11
by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, with one member 12
appointed from a recommendation by the Minority Leader of the 13
House of Representatives.14

       The Study Committee may appoint nonvoting members who 15
represent state agencies, educational institutions, or private 16
organizations that have expertise in Ohio history.17

       (B) Appointments of members of the General Assembly to the 18
Study Committee shall be made not later than thirty days after the 19
effective date of this act. A member of the Senate appointed by 20
and designated by the President of the Senate shall be the 21
chairperson of the Study Committee, and a member of the House of 22
Representatives appointed by and designated by the Speaker of the 23
House of Representatives shall be the vice-chairperson of the 24
Study Committee.25

       The members of the Study Committee shall serve without 26
compensation. The Study Committee shall meet as often as necessary 27
to carry out its duties and responsibilities.28

       (C) The Study Committee shall study and review the lives of 29
citizens of this state who positively represent Ohio based on 30
their talents, character, and contributions. Not later than one 31
year after the effective date of this act, the Study Committee 32
shall prepare and submit a report to the General Assembly of its 33
recommendation of an individual who should replace Governor 34
William Allen as one of Ohio's representatives in the National 35
Statuary Collection in the United States Capitol. On submission of 36
that report, the Study Committee shall cease to exist.37

       (D) Sections 101.82 to 101.87 of the Revised Code do not 38
apply to the Study Committee.39