As Introduced

127th General Assembly
Regular Session
H. B. No. 101

Representative Brinkman 

To make appropriations for the Industrial Commission 1
for the biennium beginning July 1, 2007, and 2
ending June 30, 2009, and to provide authorization 3
and conditions for the operation of Commission 4


       Section 1. All items in this section are hereby appropriated6
out of any moneys in the state treasury to the credit of the7
designated fund. For all appropriations made in this section,8
those in the first column are for fiscal year 2008, and those in9
the second column are for fiscal year 2009.10

Appropriations 11

FND AI AI TITLE FY 2008 FY 2009 12


Workers' Compensation Fund Group14

5W3 845-321 Operating Expenses $ 51,778,924 $ 51,778,924 15
5W3 845-402 Rent - William Green Building $ 6,299,960 $ 6,299,960 16
5W3 845-410 Attorney General Payments $ 3,558,634 $ 3,558,634 17
821 845-605 Program Support $ 161,847 $ 161,847 18
TOTAL WCF Workers' Compensation 19
Fund Group $ 61,799,365 $ 61,799,365 20
TOTAL ALL BUDGET FUND GROUPS $ 61,799,365 $ 61,799,365 21


       The foregoing appropriation item 845-402, Rent - William23
Green Building, shall be used for rent and operating expenses for24
the space occupied by the Industrial Commission in the William25
Green Building.26


       The foregoing appropriation item 845-605, Program Support,28
shall be used for any expense related to revenues collected and29
deposited in Fund 821, such as the purchase of copiers, copier 30
maintenance and related supplies, coin copier expense, coin 31
changer purchases, expenses related to conferences that produce 32
revenue, publications that produce revenue, and replacement of33
furniture and equipment.34

       Section 2. Law contained in the main operating appropriations 35
act of the 127th General Assembly that applies generally to the 36
appropriations made in that act also applies generally to the 37
appropriations made in this act.38

       Section 3. The items of law contained in this act, and their 39
applications, are severable. If any item of law contained in this 40
act, or if any application of any item of law contained in this 41
act, is held invalid, the invalidity does not affect other items 42
of law contained in this act and their applications that can be 43
given effect without the invalid item or application.44

       Section 4. An item that composes the whole or part of an 45
uncodified section contained in this act has no effect after June 46
30, 2009, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.47

       Section 5. The sections of law contained in this act, and the 48
items of law of which the sections of law contained in this act 49
are composed, are not subject to the referendum. Therefore, under 50
Ohio Constitution, Article II, Section 1d and section 1.471 of the 51
Revised Code, the sections of law contained in this act, and the 52
items of law of which the sections of law contained in this act 53
are composed, go into immediate effect when this act becomes law.54