As Passed by the Senate

129th General Assembly
Regular Session
Sub. H. B. No. 32

Representative Amstutz 

Cosponsors: Representatives Burke, Carey, Slaby, Derickson, Patmon, Henne, Hackett, Wachtmann, Barnes, Gerberry, Letson, Mallory, Newbold, Weddington, Winburn Speaker Batchelder 

Senators Coley, Hite, Lehner, Patton, Seitz 

To enact section 4733.011 of the Revised Code to 1
exempt certain plans and measurements relating to 2
household or small flow on-site sewage treatment 3
systems from the Professional Engineers and 4
Surveyors Law, and to authorize the use of the 5
enforcement provisions of the Household and Small 6
Flow On-site Sewage Treatment Systems Law to 7
enforce existing rules governing household sewage 8
disposal systems until those rules are superseded 9
by rules that are required to be adopted under 10
that Law.11


       Section 1. That section 4733.011 of the Revised Code be 12
enacted to read as follows:13

       Sec. 4733.011.  (A) As used in this section, "sewage 14
treatment system" has the same meaning as in section 3718.01 of 15
the Revised Code.16

       (B) This chapter does not apply to the preparation of plans 17
or drawings for a sewage treatment system or components of a 18
system, the measurement of area contours of a portion of land for 19
the installation or modification of a sewage treatment system or 20
components of a system, the measurement and documentation of the 21
lengths and widths of the area of a sewage treatment system or 22
components of a system, or any other measurement that is necessary 23
to comply with Chapter 3718. of the Revised Code and rules adopted 24
under it. 25

       (C) This section does not eliminate the requirement 26
established under this chapter that only a professional surveyor 27
may establish land boundaries.28

       Section 2.  The provisions of Chapter 3718. of the Revised 29
Code governing enforcement of that chapter and rules adopted under 30
it may be used to enforce Chapter 3701-29 of the Administrative 31
Code as it exists on the effective date of this act until it is 32
superseded by the rules that are required to be adopted under 33
section 3718.02 of the Revised Code as amended by Am. Sub. S.B. 34
110 of the 128th General Assembly.35