As Introduced

130th General Assembly
Regular Session
S. B. No. 279

Senators Jones, Tavares 

To require the Director of Health to establish and 1
operate a prenatal group health care pilot program 2
that is based on the centering pregnancy model of 3
care and to make an appropriation.4


       Section 1.  As used in this section, "federally qualified 5
health center" and "federally qualified health center look-alike" 6
have the same meanings as in section 3701.047 of the Revised Code.7

       (A) Not later than June 30, 2014, the Director of Health 8
shall establish a prenatal group health care pilot program that is 9
based on the centering pregnancy model of care developed by the 10
Centering Healthcare Institute. The pilot program shall be 11
operated for two years at four federally qualified health centers 12
or federally qualified health center look-alikes selected by the 13
Director in accordance with division (B) of this section. Two 14
participants must be located in a rural area, and two participants 15
must be located in an urban area.16

       (B) The Director shall develop a process to be used in 17
issuing a request for proposals to federally qualified health 18
centers and federally qualified health center look-alikes in this 19
state, receiving responses to the request, and evaluating the 20
responses on a competitive basis. In the request for proposals, 21
the Director shall specify that a pilot program participant must 22
be able to demonstrate that it can meet all of the following 23
requirements: 24

       (1) Has space to comfortably host centering pregnancy groups 25
consisting of up to twenty pregnant patients;26

       (2) Has adequate in-kind resources to contribute to the pilot 27
program, including existing medical staff;28

       (3) Has had, on average, at least one hundred patients give 29
birth annually in the years recently preceding the effective date 30
of this section;31

       (4) Is able to identify at least one employee who champions 32
the centering pregnancy model of care by gaining support for the 33
model from peers and others;34

       (5) Is able to implement a centering pregnancy model of care 35

       (6) Any other requirements established by the Director.37

       (C) The Director shall convene a committee to assist the 38
Director in evaluating submitted proposals and selecting pilot 39
program participants. At least one member of the committee shall 40
represent the Ohio Association of Community Health Centers.41

       (D) The pilot program's goals shall include all of the 42

       (1) Decreasing the number of infants born preterm (prior to 44
37 weeks of pregnancy) whose birth weight is less than two 45
thousand five hundred grams;46

       (2) Increasing the number of pregnant patients who begin 47
prenatal care during their first trimester of pregnancy, consume 48
appropriate amounts of folic acid, stop smoking, and are screened 49
for depression, the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), diabetes, 50
and poor oral health;51

       (3) Increasing the number of women who breastfeed their 52

       (E) The Ohio Association of Community Health Centers shall 54
assist the Director with the pilot program's operation. To that 55
end, the Association shall employ a part-time infant mortality 56
program coordinator whose duties include providing technical 57
assistance to pilot program participants, collecting data 58
regarding the program, and monitoring the program's success.59

       (F) Not later than July 1 of each year beginning in 2015, the 60
Director shall prepare a written report that summarizes the data 61
that has been collected on the program in the preceding twelve 62
months; evaluates the program's achievement toward its goals, 63
including those specified in division (D) of this section; makes 64
recommendations for the program's future, and provides any other 65
information the Director considers appropriate for inclusion in 66
the report. On completion, the report shall be submitted to the 67
Governor and, in accordance with section 101.68 of the Revised 68
Code, the General Assembly.69

       Section 2.  All items in this section are hereby appropriated 70
as designated out of any moneys in the state treasury to the 71
credit of the designated fund. For all appropriations made in this 72
act, those in the first column are for fiscal year 2015 and those 73
in the second column are for fiscal year 2016. The appropriations 74
made in this act are in addition to any other appropriations made 75
in fiscal year 2015 and fiscal year 2016.76

DOH Department of Health

General Revenue Fund78

GRF 440XXX Centering Pregnancy Pilot Project $ 500,000 $ 500,000 79
TOTAL GRF General Revenue Fund $ 500,000 $ 500,000 80
TOTAL ALL BUDGET FUND GROUPS $ 500,000 $ 500,000 81


       The foregoing appropriation item 440XXX, Centering Pregnancy 83
Pilot Project, shall be used to implement the centering pregnancy 84
model of care developed by the Centering Healthcare Institute in a 85
two-year pilot project at four federally qualified health centers 86
in accordance with Section 1 of this act. 87

       Section 3.  Within the limits set forth in this act, the 88
Director of Budget and Management shall establish accounts 89
indicating the source and amount of funds for each appropriation 90
made in this act, and shall determine the form and manner in which 91
appropriation accounts shall be maintained.92