Bill Analysis

Legislative Service Commission

LSC Analysis of House Bill

H.B. 122

126th General Assembly

(As Introduced)


Reps.     Wagoner, McGregor, Martin, Wagner, T. Patton, Hoops, Uecker, Seitz, Combs, Gibbs, Flowers, Collier, D. Evans, Calvert, Reidelbach, Setzer, Strahorn, Garrison, Latta, C. Evans, Kearns, Blasdel, Law, Gilb, Webster, Ujvagi, Harwood, Daniels


·        Prohibits the claiming and payment of a lottery prize award with a value in excess of $599 until the beneficial owner's name, address, and Social Security number are disclosed to the State Lottery Commission.


Current law requires that lottery prize awards be claimed by the holder of the winning lottery ticket, or by the executor or administrator, or the trustee of a trust, of the estate of a deceased holder of a winning lottery ticket, in a manner determined by the State Lottery Commission within specified time periods (R.C. 3770.07(A)(1)).  The bill prohibits any lottery prize award with a value that exceeds $599 from being claimed by or paid to any person until the name, address, and Social Security number of each beneficial owner of the prize award are disclosed to the Commission (R.C. 3770.07(A)(1)).  For this prohibition, "person" means a "person" as generally defined for purposes of the entire Revised Code as well as a "person" as defined by Commission rule or order, and "each beneficial owner" means the ultimate recipient or, if there is more than one, each ultimate recipient of a lottery prize award (R.C. 3770.07(A)(1) and (4)(c)).[1]

Except with the beneficial owner's permission, the name, address, and Social Security number of a beneficial owner in the Commission's records as a result of disclosure under the bill's implicit requirement are not subject to inspection or copying under the Public Records Law (R.C. 3770.07(A)(1)).










p.         303





[1] R.C. 1.59(C) defines "person" generally for the entire Revised Code to include an individual, corporation, business trust, estate, trust, partnership, and association (not in the bill).