130th Ohio General Assembly
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S. B. No. 271  As Introduced
As Introduced

130th General Assembly
Regular Session
S. B. No. 271

Senator Jones 

Cosponsor: Senator Seitz 

To enact section 4729.553 of the Revised Code to require a retail terminal distributor of dangerous drugs to verify the prospective purchaser's identity when dispensing a controlled substance or tramadol.

Section 1. That section 4729.553 of the Revised Code be enacted to read as follows:
Sec. 4729.553. (A) As used in this section, "purchaser" means an individual engaged in the act of purchasing a dangerous drug from a licensed terminal distributor of dangerous drugs and includes either the individual for whom the prescription for the drug is issued or an individual acting on behalf of the individual for whom the prescription is issued.
(B) Except as provided in division (E) of this section, prior to selling at retail a controlled substance or drug containing tramadol, a licensed terminal distributor of dangerous drugs shall do both of the following:
(1) Verify the identity of the prospective purchaser of the drug against either of the following:
(a) A valid identification card bearing a photograph of the prospective purchaser, issued by a state or federal agency;
(b) A form of identification authorized by the state board of pharmacy in rules adopted under division (D) of this section.
(2) Record all of the following:
(a) The name of the individual purchasing the drug;
(b) The type of identification presented;
(c) The unique identification number printed by the issuing agency on the identification, if the number exists.
(C) The terminal distributor shall retain the information required by division (B) of this section for three years. The information is subject to inspection for official purposes by law enforcement officers and employees of the board.
(D) The board may adopt rules authorizing for purposes of this section the use of identification other than that described in division (B)(1)(a) of this section. The rules shall be adopted in accordance with Chapter 119. of the Revised Code.
(E) Division (B) of this section does not apply when a drug is being purchased for use in administering the drug to an individual who is receiving care in or through a hospital, ambulatory surgical facility, nursing home, residential care facility, freestanding rehabilitation facility, hospice care program, home and community-based services provider, residential facility for individuals with mental illness or developmental disabilities, physician office, or any similar health care facility, location, or provider.
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