130th Ohio General Assembly
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H. R. No. 297  As Adopted by the House
As Adopted by the House

129th General Assembly
Regular Session
H. R. No. 297

Representatives Peterson, Butler 

Cosponsors: Representatives Johnson, Duffey, Grossman, Pillich, Derickson, Terhar, O'Brien, Adams, J., Patmon, Blessing, Lundy, Adams, R., Stebelton, Hill, Reece, Landis, Thompson, Beck, Antonio, Buchy, Gonzales, Gardner, McGregor, Yuko, Okey, Bubp, Hagan, C., Martin, Milkovich, Rosenberger, Young, Anielski, Baker, Barnes, Blair, Boose, Boyce, Brenner, Budish, Carney, Celebrezze, Celeste, Cera, Clyde, Combs, Damschroder, DeVitis, Dovilla, Driehaus, Fedor, Fende, Foley, Garland, Gerberry, Goodwin, Hackett, Hall, Hayes, Heard, Henne, Hottinger, Huffman, Kozlowski, Letson, Lynch, Maag, Mallory, McClain, Murray, Newbold, Pelanda, Phillips, Ramos, Roegner, Ruhl, Scherer, Schuring, Sears, Smith, Sprague, Stautberg, Stinziano, Sykes, Szollosi, Wachtmann, Williams, Winburn Speaker Batchelder 

To honor the 511 African-American Ohioans who enlisted in the 54th and 55th Regiments of the Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War.


        WHEREAS, African-American men were not permitted to enlist in Ohio's military units until June 1863; and

        WHEREAS, Between April and June 1863, the following African-American men from Ohio enlisted in the 54th Regiment of the Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry: John W. Allen, Logan County, Ohio; William Anderson, Xenia, Ohio; Elias Artis, Shelby County, Ohio; Joseph Artist, Urbana, Ohio; Joseph Asbery, Oberlin, Ohio; Thomas Ashbury, Dayton, Ohio; Benjamin B. Baptist, Mt. Pleasant, Ohio; John L. Barker, Oberlin, Ohio; William Barrett, Salem, Ohio; John Bass, Columbus, Ohio; Jones Beatty, Zanesville, Ohio; Isaac Berrett, Urbana, Ohio; Andrew Betenbough, Hamilton, Ohio; Thomas Betts, Columbus, Ohio; Thomas Beverly, Columbus, Ohio; John A. Bouldon, Cleveland, Ohio; Thomas Bowman, Cincinnati, Ohio; Randolph Brady, Hamilton, Ohio; William Brady, Salem, Ohio; Fielding C. Brown, Lebanon, Ohio; Henry Brown, Toledo, Ohio; James E. Brown, Oberlin, Ohio; John A. Brown, Stuebenville, Ohio; William H. Brown, Wilberforce, Ohio; James W. Bush, Xenia, Ohio; William Cain, Xenia, Ohio; Cato Chaney, Carthagena, Ohio; George T. Charles, Richmond, Ohio; Henry C. Charton, Cincinnati, Ohio; John Churchman, Carthagena, Ohio; Lewis Clark, Lebanon, Ohio; James Cleveland, Cincinnati, Ohio; Rudolphus Coatney, Greene County, Ohio; Samuel Coleman, Cincinnati, Ohio; Shedrick Conway, Cleveland, Ohio; Lloyd Cooper, Cincinnati, Ohio; Asa Cotton, Xenia, Ohio; George Cowen, Oxford, Ohio; Robert Cragg, Mercer County, Ohio; Henry Craig, Cincinnati, Ohio; Anathy Dean, Cleveland, Ohio; Stephen Depp, Lebanon, Ohio; William Dorsay, Cleveland, Ohio; Samuel Duncan, Franklin County, Ohio; Henry Ellis, II, Cincinnati, Ohio; William Ellis, I, Cincinnati, Ohio; Albert Evans, Springfield, Ohio; George Evans, Xenia, Ohio; Richard Evans, Xenia, Ohio; Joseph Evins, Greene County, Ohio; Henry A. Field, Xenia, Ohio; Thomas Floyd, Cincinnati, Ohio; William Fowlis, Champaign County, Ohio; Stephan Franklin, Dayton, Ohio; James Freeman, Columbus, Ohio; Charles S. Gamrell, Springfield, Ohio; Charles H. Goff, Springfield, Ohio; Benjamin Green, Oberlin, Ohio; Amos Hall, Oxford, Ohio; William Hall, Lima, Ohio; John W. Harper, Zanesville, Ohio; Christopher Hart, Springfield, Ohio; John Hedgepath, Clinton County, Ohio; Joseph Heuston, Cincinnati, Ohio; James E. Hewett, Xenia, Ohio; Thomas Hewett, Xenia, Ohio; Benjamin Hogan, Mercer County, Ohio; Charles M. Holloway, Wilberforce, Ohio; Joseph R. Holmes, Cincinnati, Ohio; Leander Howard, Oberlin, Ohio; Alexander Hunter, Cleveland, Ohio; Levi Jackson, Oxford, Ohio; Walter A. Jeffries, Cincinnati, Ohio; Joseph Johnson, Hamilton, Ohio; Robert J. Jones, Hamilton, Ohio; William Jones, Mt. Pleasant, Ohio; Wiley Jordan, Mercer County, Ohio; George King, Toledo, Ohio; Thomas Lawrance, Xenia, Ohio; William Lee, Columbus, Ohio; George Lipscomb, Cincinnati, Ohio; Francis Lowe, Cleveland, Ohio; Samuel Lowmack, Columbus, Ohio; Joseph Lowry, Urbana, Ohio; George Madrey, Hamilton, Ohio; Jesse Mahan, Xenia, Ohio; Varnall W. Mayho, Columbus, Ohio; David McCowan, Morning Sun, Ohio; Robert McJohnson, Preble County, Ohio; Alvus McPherson, Oxford, Ohio; Joseph W. Meaks, Springfield, Ohio; William Milton, Columbus, Ohio; William Mitchell, Oberlin, Ohio; Colonel Morgan, Cincinnati, Ohio; John Morgan, Cincinnati, Ohio; Lewis Munroe, Toledo, Ohio; John Myers, Oxford, Ohio; Harrison Nichols, Oberlin, Ohio; Ishmael Palmer, Springboro, Ohio; Joseph A. Palmer, Dayton, Ohio; George Parker, Cleveland, Ohio; Benjamin Patten, Cincinnati, Ohio; Henry Patterson, I, Oberlin, Ohio; Henry T. Pearl, Cleveland, Ohio; Edward Pegram, Cleveland, Ohio; William Pillow, Hamilton, Ohio; William H. Pleasant, Cleveland, Ohio; Anson Prater, Lucas County, Ohio; John E. Price, Cincinnati, Ohio; William Princeton, Cleveland, Ohio; Napolean B. Rector, Sandusky, Ohio; George Remsley, Greene County, Ohio; Joseph T. Richardson, Cleveland, Ohio; James M. Rickman, Greenville, Ohio; Oliver B. Ridgeway, Oberlin, Ohio; Jeremiah Rolls, Cincinnati, Ohio; Henry Russell, Oxford, Ohio; William Rutledge, Oberlin, Ohio; Thomas Shaw, Cincinnati, Ohio; John Shrewsbury, Cincinnati, Ohio; Abraham C. Simms, Oxford, Ohio; Henry Simpson, Columbus, Ohio; Baltimore Smith, Cincinnati, Ohio; George Smith, Cincinnati, Ohio; George W. Smith, Toledo, Ohio; Isaac Smith, I, Mt. Pleasant, Ohio; Isaac Smith, II, Cincinnati, Ohio; Louis Smith, Columbus, Ohio; Robert Smith, Springfield, Ohio; Robert Smith, Cleveland, Ohio; William J. Smith, Salem, Ohio; John Soward, Cleveland, Ohio; William Spain, Havana, Ohio; Hezekiah Stewart, Shelby County, Ohio; Edward Stone, Toledo, Ohio; John H. Thomas, Toledo, Ohio; Jeremiah Thompson, Bono, Ohio; William Thompson, Ohio; James M. Townsend, Oxford, Ohio; James W. Vorce, Cleveland, Ohio; Frederick Walace, Cincinnati, Ohio; James Walker, Cincinnati, Ohio; Albert G. Wall, Oberlin, Ohio; John Wall, Oberlin, Ohio; Charles Watt, Cincinnati, Ohio; Sylvester Webber, Ripley, Ohio; George Weevel, Mt. Healthy, Ohio; Addison White, Mechanicsburg, Ohio; Harry White, Toledo, Ohio; Charles Williams, Mt. Healthy, Ohio; Edward Williams, Oberlin, Ohio; John Williamson, Hamilton, Ohio; John H. Willson, Cincinnati, Ohio; George Wilson, Toledo, Ohio; Isaiah Wilson, Oberlin, Ohio; Henery Worthington, Defiance, Ohio; and

       WHEREAS, Between April and June 1863, the following African-American men from Ohio enlisted in the 55th Regiment of the Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry: Wiley Abbott, New Richmond, Ohio; Robert Abram, Chillicothe, Ohio; Albert Adams, Waynesville, Ohio; David Adams, New Antioch, Ohio; George Akers, Carthagena, Ohio; William H. Alexander, Seneca County, Ohio; Joseph Anderson, Troy, Ohio; Nelson R. Anderson, Delaware County, Ohio; Wesley Anderson, Troy, Ohio; Archer Armstead, Frankfort, Ohio; Jacob Ash, Adams County, Ohio; John Bailey, Pickaway, Ohio; Thomas Baker, Xenia, Ohio; Soloman C. Banks, Logan County, Ohio; William Barber, Wilmington, Ohio; David Barrett, Urbana, Ohio; George Barrett, Urbana, Ohio; George Bazel, Pickaway County, Ohio; Hiram Bias, Columbus, Ohio; Hezekiah Bird, Frankfort, Ohio; Samuel L. Bizzell, Ripley, Ohio; Edward Black, Chillicothe, Ohio; James H. Black, Gallipolis, Ohio; Jordan M. Bobson, Wilmington, Ohio; Richard Boone, West Jefferson, Ohio; Morris Bradley, Hillsboro, Ohio; Isaiah Brandon, Xenia, Ohio; Nimrod Brooks, Columbus, Ohio; Elijah Brown, Sandusky, Ohio; Henry Brown, Cincinnati, Ohio; James Brown, Delaware, Ohio; John Brown, Shelby County, Ohio; John W. Brown, Huntsville, Ohio; Lyne Sterling Brown, Delaware County, Ohio; Thomas Brown, Coldwater, Ohio; Thomas Brown, Zanesville, Ohio; John W. Bryant, Hillsboro, Ohio; George Buckner, Pickaway County, Ohio; Isaiah Buckney, Urbana, Ohio; William Burns, Marysville, Ohio; William Burns, Bloomingburg, Ohio; William H. Burns, Ross County, Ohio; George W. Bush, Carthagena, Ohio; Charles Butler, Ripley, Ohio; Gilbert Butler, Butler County, Ohio; James Henry Byrd, Logan County, Ohio; Joseph Campbell, Highland County, Ohio; John Carter, Barnesville, Ohio; Nelson Champ, Mt. Pleasant, Ohio; Charles Chapman, Batavia, Ohio; William Charleston, Upper Sandusky, Ohio; James Chatman, Harrisburg, Ohio; Ransom Chatman, Xenia, Ohio; Archie Claiborne, Harrisburg, Ohio; Henry Claiborne, Harrisburg, Ohio; Charles E. Clark, Upper Sandusky, Ohio; John W. Clark, Upper Sandusky, Ohio; William H. Clay, Aberdeen, Ohio; James Cochran, Chillicothe, Ohio; Pickens Colbreath, Ripley, Ohio; Joshua Cole, Sandusky, Ohio; Frank Collins, Ripley, Ohio; John Collins, Ohio; George Collwell, Ripley, Ohio; Alfred Cornelius, Gallipolis, Ohio; John Q.A. Cosby, Cardington, Ohio; Willis Cotton, Frankfort, Ohio; Cyrus Cowan, Troy, Ohio; Garrett Cox, Troy, Ohio; William Cox, Troy, Ohio; Fortunatius Craig, Carthagena, Ohio; John Crockett, Harveysburg, Ohio; George Cromwell, Maumee, Ohio; Armstrong Crowder, Pickaway, Ohio; Paul Crowder, Miami County, Ohio; Morris Darnell, Sandusky, Ohio; Henry Davis, Chillicothe, Ohio; William Davis, Sandusky, Ohio; Joseph Dawson, Harrisburg, Ohio; Charles Dean, Huntsville, Ohio; Isaac Delay, Ripley, Ohio; Elijah Derricks, Perrysburg, Ohio; Walter C. Dickerson, Ross County, Ohio; Henry Dinwiddie, Chillicothe, Ohio; Rufus M. Dix, Xenia, Ohio; Moses Dixon, Chillicothe, Ohio; Simon Douglas, Sidney, Ohio; Joshua Dunbar, Troy, Ohio; William H. Dupree, Chillicothe, Ohio; Aaron A. Dyson, Bothinsville, Ohio; Isaac Edwards, Barnesville, Ohio; Paul Erving, Springfield, Ohio; Andrew Essex, Hillsboro, Ohio; Jacob Essex, Venice, Ohio; Armstead Evans, Chillicothe, Ohio; Henry Evans, Chillicothe, Ohio; Sterling Evans, Troy, Ohio; Thomas T. Evans, Chillicothe, Ohio; Colson Fairfax, Harrisburg, Ohio; Albert T. Felts, New Lexington, Ohio; Cethe C. Felts, New Lexington, Ohio; Samuel Fields, Milo, Ohio; Lewis Fitzhughes, Frankfort, Ohio; Peter Fleming, Albany, Ohio; Elisha G. Flood, Ohio; John R. Ford, Lebanon, Ohio; William Fortune, Chillicothe, Ohio; James Fox, Pickaway County, Ohio; Lorenzo Fox, Troy, Ohio; William A. Fox, Pickaway County, Ohio; John Francis, Harrisburg, Ohio; Anthony Freeman, Barnesville, Ohio; George Gales, Chillicothe, Ohio; Frank Gardner, Sandusky, Ohio; James T. Gibson, Troy, Ohio; Harrison Gillard, Troy, Ohio; James Gillard, Troy, Ohio; James Gillispie, Pickaway County, Ohio; Wallace L. Glaspey, Hardin County, Ohio; Horace Goins, Hillsboro, Ohio; Randall Goins, Hillsboro, Ohio; James Grain, Jamestown, Ohio; Charles Gray, Frankfort, Ohio; David Gray, Sandusky, Ohio; James Green, Xenia, Ohio; Joseph Green, Xenia, Ohio; Levi Green, Wilmington, Ohio; Simean T. Green, Harveysburg, Ohio; Harrison Griffin, Cleveland, Ohio; Henry Griffy, Springfield, Ohio; Charles Henry Groose, Delaware County, Ohio; Nathanial Gross, Ripley, Ohio; Jasper Haddock, Somerton, Ohio; David A. Hall, Oberlin, Ohio; Eli Hall, Pickaway County, Ohio; Josiah C. Hall, Cincinnati, Ohio; Randolph Hampton, Bellefontaine, Ohio; Alexander Hannon, Xenia, Ohio; William Hargrave, Wilmington, Ohio; Beverly Harris, Troy, Ohio; Henry Harris, Xenia, Ohio; Robert Harris, Columbus, Ohio; William Harris, Sandusky, Ohio; John Henderson, Ripley, Ohio; Powell Hendrick, Ripley, Ohio; Richard Hendrick, Ripley, Ohio; William Henry, Columbus, Ohio; Charles Hicks, Cambridge, Ohio; John L. Hicks, Greenfield, Ohio; George Higginson, Trenton, Ohio; James P. Hightower, Xenia, Ohio; Orlando S. Hightower, Wilmington, Ohio; Edward Augustus Highwarder, Delaware County, Ohio; John Wesley Highwarder, Delaware County, Ohio; Samuel Hill, Martinsville, Ohio; Thomas H. Hill, Barnesville, Ohio; William Hill, Wayne County, Ohio; Charles H. Holmes, Champaign County, Ohio; Josiah Howard, Russell, Ohio; William Howard, Xenia, Ohio; Alick Humes, Troy, Ohio; John Humes, Troy, Ohio; William Hunt, Troy, Ohio; Austin Hurley, Springfield, Ohio; Joseph H. Hurley, Somerton, Ohio; Thornton Hurley, Somerton, Ohio; Daniel Ivery, Andersonville, Ohio; Alexander Jackson, Chillicothe, Ohio; Henry Jackson, Chillicothe, Ohio; Manuel P. Jackson, Chillicothe, Ohio; Robert Jackson, Hillsboro, Ohio; Alexander Jenkins, Bloomingburg, Ohio; Charles Jenkins, New Marion, Ohio; Thomas Jenkins, Ohio; Franklin Johnson, Chillicothe, Ohio; Henry Johnson, Ripley, Ohio; Hezekiah Johnson, Huntsville, Ohio; James Johnson, Youngstown, Ohio; Joseph Johnson, Republic, Ohio; Matthew Johnson, Youngstown, Ohio; Thomas Johnson, Dayton, Ohio; William H. Johnson, Chillicothe, Ohio; William H. Johnson, Sandusky, Ohio; Armstead M. Jones, Shelby County, Ohio; John M. Jones, Hamilton, Ohio; John W. Jones, Troy, Ohio; Osbourne Jones, Ross County, Ohio; Peter Jones, West Milton, Ohio; George D. Jones, Ripley, Ohio; Samuel Jube, Champaign County, Ohio; John Kees, Urbana, Ohio; Martin Kennedy, Cumberland, Ohio; David M.P. Kenney, Mt. Gilead, Ohio; David U. King, Mount Pleasant, Ohio; John King, Bellefontaine, Ohio; Jonathan King, Mount Pleasant, Ohio; Robert King, New Richmond, Ohio; Howard Landrum, Circleville, Ohio; David Lee, Xenia, Ohio; Adolphus Lewis, Union County, Ohio; George B. Lewis, Delaware County, Ohio; George W. Lewis, Ripley, Ohio; James Lewis, Chillicothe, Ohio; Solomon Lidle, Chillicothe, Ohio; William Little, Springfield, Ohio; Jesse Locklear, Chillicothe, Ohio; William H. Love, Troy, Ohio; David Low, Columbus, Ohio; Benjamin Lyons, Upper Sandusky, Ohio; William Mabra, Barnesville, Ohio; Francis Macafee, New Market, Ohio; Franklin Malone, Chillicothe, Ohio; James Malone, Marysville, Ohio; Silas Malone, Gurneyville, Ohio; Charles Markerfield, Carthagena, Ohio; Henry Martin, Ripley, Ohio; Thomas Maxwell, Cincinnati, Ohio; Henry Mayo, Chillicothe, Ohio; James Mays, Cincinnati, Ohio; Francis McCoglin, Shelby County, Ohio; James McFarland, (James Washington), Hillsboro, Ohio; Presley McGee, London, Ohio; Archy McKinney, Adams County, Ohio; George McPherson, Steubensville, Ohio; William Miller, Cincinnati, Ohio; James Minton, Delaware County, Ohio; George Mitchell, Chillicothe, Ohio; George W. Moore, Columbus, Ohio; Isaac Moore, Bellefontaine, Ohio; Weston Moore, Carthagena, Ohio; Alexander Morgan, Bainbridge, Ohio; Charles H. Morgan, Springboro, Ohio; Hiram Morgan, Springfield, Ohio; Richard Morrison, Hamilton, Ohio; James Moss, Carthagena, Ohio; John M. Myers, Barnesville, Ohio; Norris Needham, Springfield, Ohio; James S. Nelson, Republic, Ohio; William Nelson, Frankfort, Ohio; Henry A. Newland, Zanesfield, Ohio; Robert Newsome, Bellefontaine, Ohio; William Nickerson, Williamsburg, Ohio; Charles Oglesby, Troy, Ohio; Thomas Overton, Carthagena, Ohio; James Owens, Frankfort, Ohio; Osborne Owens, Union County, Ohio; Daniel A. Paine, Barnesville, Ohio; George M. Parker, Frankfort, Ohio; Lott H. Parker, Bellefontaine, Ohio; John Patterson, Hamilton, Ohio; Jacob Payne, Bainbridge, Ohio; John H. Payne, Bellefontaine, Ohio; Lawrence Payne, Frankfort, Ohio; William J. Peel, Shelby County, Ohio; David S. Peterson, Barnesville, Ohio; Ferdinand Peterson, Barnesville, Ohio; Joseph H. Peterson, Barnesville, Ohio; Marcus Peterson, Barnesville, Ohio; Charles Peyton, Cincinnati, Ohio; Henry Powell, Cabletown, Ohio; Isaiah Price, Cincinnati, Ohio; Calvin Rector, Urbana, Ohio; Charles Redman, Hillsboro, Ohio; William H. Redman, Chillicothe, Ohio; Jacob W. Reid, Springfield, Ohio; Elijah Revels, Youngstown, Ohio; George W. Richardson, Chillicothe, Ohio; William Richardson, Chillicothe, Ohio; Finley Rickman, Ross County, Ohio; Thomas Rickman, Bainbridge, Ohio; Henry C. Ritchie, Marysville, Ohio; Lewis Roberts, Bellefontaine, Ohio; William C. Roberts, Bellefontaine, Ohio; Thomas Robinson, Sandusky, Ohio; William F. Robinson, Barnesville, Ohio; James D. Ross, Ross County, Ohio; West Royal, Sandusky, Ohio; Thomas Russell, Chillicothe, Ohio; Caswell Sampson, Barnesville, Ohio; David W. Samson, Bellefontaine, Ohio; Nicholas Sansberry, Cincinnati, Ohio; William Sawyer, Oxford, Ohio; William H. Schell, Ripley, Ohio; Alexander Scott, Bellefontaine, Ohio; Alexander Scott, Ripley, Ohio; Benjamin Scott, Waynesville, Ohio; Benjamin B. Scott, Xenia, Ohio; William Scott, Ripley, Ohio; James Selden, Hillsboro, Ohio; George Seward, Frankfort, Ohio; William Sheldon, Pickaway, Ohio; James Shipp, Barnesville, Ohio; John H. Shipp, Barnesville, Ohio; John F. Shorter, Delaware County, Ohio; Simon P. Shorter, Delaware County, Ohio; Daniel Smith, New Richmond, Ohio; William H. Smith, Urbana, Ohio; David Spears, Shelby, Ohio; Albert Steen, Ripley, Ohio; Nathaniel Steward, Wilmington, Ohio; William Steward, Ross County, Ohio; Henry I. Stockley, Ohio; Abraham Stuart, Mount Pleasant, Ohio; William Stuart, Cincinnati, Ohio; William Sweet, Bellefontaine, Ohio; James H. Tann, Circleville, Ohio; George W. Taylor, Rushsylvania, Ohio; Samuel Taylor, Logan County, Ohio; Stephen Taylor, Sandusky, Ohio; Alexander Thomas, Wilmington, Ohio; George W. Thomas, Cincinnati, Ohio; Samuel Thomas, Madison, Ohio; William Thomas, Flushing, Ohio; George W. Thompson, Maumee, Ohio; Isaiah A. Thompson, Maumee, Ohio; John H. Thompson, Troy, Ohio; Martin Thompson, Columbia, Ohio; John Tilghman, Jefferson, Ohio; William Trotter, West Jefferson, Ohio; Olmstead Turner, Columbus, Ohio; Nelson Vaughn, Mercer County, Ohio; Peter Waggoner, Ross County, Ohio; John W. Walker, Oberlin, Ohio; James M. Wallace, Sandusky, Ohio; Stephen Ward, Bellefontaine, Ohio; Virginius Ward, Pike County, Ohio; Richard T. Warwick, Bellefontaine, Ohio; Harrison Washington, Sandusky, Ohio; James A. Washington, Republic, Ohio; Joseph Waze, Antioch, Ohio; George White, Milford Center, Ohio; Israel White, Troy, Ohio; Richard W. White, Salem, Ohio; Silas White, West Milton, Ohio; Spencer White, Troy, Ohio; Edward P. F. Whitsell, Republic, Ohio; George W. Whyte, Delaware County, Ohio; Robert Wicker, Pickaway County, Ohio; William Wicker, Troy, Ohio; Abner Williams, Leesburg, Ohio; Abner A. Williams, Ross County, Ohio; Claiborne Williams, Chillicothe, Ohio; Edmund Williams, Highland County, Ohio; George Williams, Sandusky, Ohio; James Williams, Cincinnati, Ohio; James W. Williams, Leesburg, Ohio; Henry Wilson, Troy, Ohio; Joseph Wilson, Barnesville, Ohio; John D. Wood, Flushing, Ohio; Lewis Wood, Hillsboro, Ohio; Henry Woodley, Bellefontaine, Ohio; George W. Worthington, Defiance, Ohio; Jonathan C. Wright, Sandusky, Ohio; Benjamin Wyatt, Ripley, Ohio; Henry Young, Ripley, Ohio; and

        WHEREAS, The soldiers of the 54th Regiment of the Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry served with honor in South Carolina in the Assault on Fort Wagner, the Battle of Honey Hill, and the Battle of Boykin's Mills, and in Florida in the Battle of Oolustee; and

        WHEREAS, The soldiers of the 55th Regiment of the Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry served with honor in South Carolina at Folly Island and in the Battle of Honey Hill; and

       WHEREAS, Corporal Henry F. Peal of Oberlin, Ohio, served with the 54th Regiment of the Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry and received the Gillmore Medal for his bravery in carrying the flag during the Assault on Fort Wagner; and

        WHEREAS, These 511 Ohio soldiers have not been recognized for their contribution to the Union cause; now therefore be it

        RESOLVED, That we, the members of the House of Representatives of the 129th General Assembly of the State of Ohio, in adopting this resolution, honor the 511 African-American Ohioans who enlisted in the 54th and 55th Regiments of the Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War; and be it further

        RESOLVED, That the Clerk of the House of Representatives transmit duly authenticated copies of this resolution to the news media of Ohio.

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