Synopsis of Committee Amendments

Legislative Service Commission

LSC Synopsis of Senate Amendments

Sub. H.B. 246

126th General Assembly

(S. Judiciary Civil Justice)



The Committee amended the bill by including within the statutory form that may be used to create a power of attorney a provision that advises the principal that unless expressly authorized in the power of attorney, a power of attorney does not generally grant authority to an agent to elect or change a retirement allowance plan of payment on the principal's behalf under the Public Employees Retirement System, the Ohio Police and Fire Pension Fund, the State Teachers Retirement System, the School Employees Retirement System, and/or the State Highway Patrol System, change an election to a defined benefit or defined contribution plan, if authorized, or terminate the principal's membership in any of those retirement systems by withdrawing the principal's accumulated employee contributions.  The Committee also amended the bill to provide that this provision applies to any power of attorney, not just the statutory form, and provides how this provision must be construed.



H0246-126.doc/ss                                                                                                        10/27/05