Synopsis of Committee Amendments

Legislative Service Commission

LSC Synopsis of Senate Amendments


Sub. S.B. 126

126th General Assembly

(H. Health)


Amendments adopted by the House committee make changes to the bill that modify a board of county commissioners' authority under current law to require revision of a county hospital budget, eliminate a provision of the bill allowing the lease of county hospital employee services, and add provisions that modify the practice of licensed practical and registered nurses and exempt certain government agencies from the disclosure requirement related to unauthorized access to personal information.  The amendments do the following:

County hospital budget

            Authorize a board of county commissioners to review, as well as approve, a proposed county hospital budget and eliminate the board's authority to require that the budget be revised prior to approval, but allow the board of county commissioners to require a board of county hospital trustees to revise the budget if the amount of funds received from a tax levy and county appropriations at any time differs from the amount shown in the approved budget.

Lease of county hospital employee services

            Eliminate a provision that would have authorized a board of county hospital trustees to enter into a contract rendering the services of an employee of the board or county hospital to another entity for a fee paid to the board or hospital.

Nurse duties

            Add provisions that:

(1)  Expand "the practice of nursing as a licensed practical nurse" in current law to include delegating nursing tasks to other individuals and teaching nursing tasks to licensed practical nurses and other individuals at the direction of a registered nurse.

(2)  Specify that a nursing student may practice nursing under the supervision of a registered nurse serving the program as a faculty member or teaching assistant, but not a registered nurse serving as a preceptor.

Exemption from disclosure requirement

            Add a provision that exempts a state agency or agency of political subdivisions from the requirement that the agency disclose the unauthorized access to personal information if the agency is a "covered entity" under the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, which governs the protection of personal health information.




S0126-126.doc/cm                                                                                                       12/14/06