Synopsis of Committee Amendments

Legislative Service Commission

LSC Synopsis of Senate Amendments


Sub. H.B. 104

127th General Assembly

(S. Judiciary – Criminal Justice)




Added provisions that permit the Treasurer of State to require any individual who applies for employment with, or is employed by, the Treasurer of State's office to undergo a criminal records check and to request the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation to conduct a criminal records check of any such individual.

In the provisions of the House-passed version of the bill that require a criminal records check of an applicant for an initial license for specified types of professions, specified that, regarding license applications to the State Dental Board, the provisions apply only regarding applications for a license as a dentist, dental hygienist, or dental hygienist teacher issued by the Board.



H0104-127.doc/ss                                                                                                        11/15/07