Synopsis of Committee Amendments

Legislative Service Commission

LSC Synopsis of Senate Amendments


Sub. H.B. 27

128th General Assembly

(As Reported by S. Highways & Transportation)



In addition to the five new special license plates in the version Passed by the House, creates the "Prince Hall Freemason" special license plate, which is available to any person upon payment of the applicable license taxes and an additional $10 Bureau of Motor Vehicles administrative fee, but without an additional contribution.

In addition to the nine memorial highways designated by the version Passed by the House, designates the following seven memorial highways and authorizes the Director of Transportation to erect suitable markers indicating the designations:  "Lance Corporal Thomas O. Keeling Memorial Highway," "Navy Hospitalman Richard "Doc" Powell Memorial Highway," "Senator William Bowen Memorial Highway," "Officer Brett Markwood Memorial Highway," "Sgt. Sean Landrus Memorial Highway," "Ashland County Veterans' Memorial Highway," and "Fred Krum Memorial Interchange."