Synopsis of Committee Amendments

Legislative Service Commission

LSC Synopsis of Senate Amendments

Sub. S.B. 155

128th General Assembly

(As Reported by H. Finance & Appropriations)



Revises the manner in which the Senate-passed version of the bill alters the allocation of the proceeds of the existing fee on the sale of new tires in order to provide funding for the Soil and Water Conservation District Assistance Fund.

Allows the use of the state on and off triggers for state extended unemployment benefits using the total unemployment rate and the payment of high-unemployment period benefits if the benefits are fully federally funded.

Establishes that the final maturity for a port authority revenue bond is not later than 45 years after the issuance of the bond rather than not later than 40 years.

Modifies the computation of payments for career-technical education for certain school districts for fiscal years 2010 and 2011.

Permits individual taxpayers, when filing an annual return electronically, to direct the state to transmit an income tax refund directly into a checking account or a pre-existing college savings plan or program account offered by the Ohio Tuition Trust Authority.

Modifies the effective date of certain changes to the Uniform Public Securities Law made in Am. Sub. H.B. 1 of the 128th General Assembly.

Requires the Chancellor of the Board of Regents to use the current appropriation for the Hazardous Materials Program to also support the Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Education and Leadership in Public Service at Cleveland State University.

Makes changes to the current appropriation used by eTech Ohio for maintenance of the clearinghouse of interactive distance learning courses and the provision of online advanced placement courses.

Redirects the following capital reappropriations made in Sub. H.B. 462 (128th General Assembly):

(1)  Certain amounts set aside for the Columbus Crew Facility – Hilliard is to instead be used for the Hilliard First Responders Park.

(2) Certain amounts set aside for the Green Township Legacy Place Park is to instead be used for the Green Township Bicentennial Park and Unnewehr Home Grounds Restoration.

(3) Certain amounts set aside for the Youngstown City Park is to instead be used for the Wick Park Playground.

Transfers the Louvee Theater Project from Rio Grande Community College to Ohio University.

Declares an emergency.