130th Ohio General Assembly
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(123rd General Assembly)
(Substitute Senate Bill Number 346)

To amend section 1306.02 of the Revised Code and to amend Section 58 of Am. Sub. H.B. 283 of the 123rd General Assembly, and to amend Sections 6.01, 18, and 22.16 of Am. Sub. H.B. 640 of the 123rd General Assembly, to amend Section 18 of Am. Sub. S.B. 192 of the 123rd General Assembly, and to amend Section 22.01 of Sub. S.B. 245 of the 123rd General Assembly to make certain changes in existing appropriations for fiscal year 2001, to change the reporting date of the Tobacco Oversight Accountability Panel, to remove a cross-reference to a repealed law in the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act, and to create the Ticket To Work Program Evaluation Committee.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Ohio:

SECTION 1 .  That section 1306.02 of the Revised Code be amended to read as follows:

Sec. 1306.02.  (A) Except as provided in division (B) of this section, sections 1306.01 to 1306.23 of the Revised Code apply to electronic records and electronic signatures relating to a transaction.

(B) Sections 1306.01 to 1306.23 of the Revised Code do not apply to a transaction to the extent it is governed by any of the following:

(1) A law governing the creation and execution of wills, codicils, or testamentary trusts;

(2) Chapter 1301., except sections 1301.07 and 1301.12, and Chapters 1303., 1304., 1305., 1306., 1307., 1308., and 1309. of the Revised Code.

SECTION 2 .  That existing section 1306.02 of the Revised Code is hereby repealed.

SECTION 3 .  Section 1306.02 of the Revised Code, as enacted by the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act, Sub. H.B. 488 of the 123rd General Assembly, is amended by this act to remove an inadvertent cross-reference to the Bulk Transfer Act. In 1996, Am. S.B. 155 of the 121st General Assembly, 146 Ohio Laws 9046, 9060, repealed the Bulk Transfer Act, then codified as Chapter 1306. of the Revised Code. Therefore, inclusion of a reference to the Bulk Transfer Act in division (B)(2) of section 1306.02 of the Revised Code was inadvertent.

SECTION 4 .  That Section 58 of Am. Sub. H.B. 283 of the 123rd General Assembly be amended to read as follows:


General Revenue Fund

GRF600-100Personal Services
Personal Services Total$0$52,020,055
Maintenance Total$0$24,678,252
Equipment Total$0$601,176
GRF600-402Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)
EBT Total$0$14,665,063
GRF600-405Family Violence Prevention Programs$0$835,018
GRF600-406Workforce Development$0$358,404
GRF600-407Unemployment Insurance/Employment Services Operating$0$22,727,425
GRF600-408Labor Market Projections$0$184,534
GRF600-410TANF State$0$261,857,133
GRF600-411TANF Federal Block Grant$0$417,200,000
GRF600-412Prevailing Wage/Minimum Wage and Minors$0$2,423,702
GRF600-413Day Care Match/Maintenance of Effort$0$76,454,292
GRF600-414Apprenticeship Council$0$177,769
GRF600-416Computer Projects
Computer Projects Total$0$104,000,000
GRF600-417Public Employee Risk Reduction Program$0$1,356,075
GRF600-420Child Support Administration$0$8,103,800
GRF600-426Children's Health Insurance Plan (CHIP)
CHIP Total$0$23,957,445
GRF600-427Child and Family Services Activities$0$3,110,655
GRF600-428Wellness Block Grant$0$14,337,515
GRF600-429Womens Programs$0$485,619
GRF600-430OSHA Match$0$137,045
GRF600-502Child Support Match$0$20,773,614
GRF600-504Non-TANF County Administration$0$75,017,940
GRF600-511Disability Assistance/Other Assistance$0$63,665,762
GRF600-512Non-TANF Emergency Assistance$0$4,200,000
GRF600-522Burial Claims$0$1,465,911
GRF600-525Health Care/Medicaid
Health Care Total$0$5,848,477,827
GRF600-527Child Protective Services$0$57,332,997
GRF600-528Adoption Services
Adoption Services Total$0$56,061,779
GRF600-534Adult Protective Services$0$3,031,340
GRF600-552County Social Services$0$12,072,886
TOTAL GRF General Revenue Fund
GRF Total$0$7,171,771,033

General Services Fund Group

4A8600-658Child Support Collections$0$42,389,027
4R4600-665BCII Service Fees$0$113,202
5C9600-671Medicaid Program Support$0$83,527,307
613600-645Training Activities$0$75,000
TOTAL GSF General Services
Fund Group$0$126,104,536

Federal Special Revenue Fund Group

3A2600-641Emergency Food Distribution$0$1,499,480
3D3600-648Children's Trust Fund Federal$0$1,549,253
3F0600-623Health Care Federal$0$206,652,537
3F0600-650Hospital Care Assurance Match$0$309,093,463
3G5600-655Interagency Reimbursement$0$844,021,602
3G9600-657Special Activities Self Sufficiency$0$544,782
3H7600-617Day Care Federal$0$163,579,818
3N0600-628IV-E Foster Care Maintenance$0$196,993,903
3S5600-622Child Support Projects$0$534,050
3S9600-680TANF Employment and Training$0$700,000
316600-602State and Local Training$0$7,336,811
327600-606Child Welfare$0$29,481,996
331600-686Federal Operating$0$111,819,362
349600-682OSHA Enforcement$0$1,326,501
365600-681JOB Training Program$0$121,099,383
384600-610Food Stamps and State Administration$0$150,437,578
385600-614Refugee Services$0$7,309,725
395600-616Special Activities/Child and Family Services$0$4,311,677
396600-620Social Services Block Grant$0$60,420,498
397600-626Child Support$0$226,768,641
398600-627Adoption Maintenance/ Administration$0$267,459,255
TOTAL FED Federal Special Revenue
Fund Group$0$2,712,940,315

State Special Revenue Fund Group

198600-647Children's Trust Fund$0$3,238,074
4A9600-607Unemployment Compensation Admin Fund$0$13,962,175
4E3600-605Nursing Home Assessments$0$95,511
4E7600-604Child and Family Services Collections$0$142,666
4F1600-609Foundation Grants/Child and Family Services$0$1,422,569
4G1600-683Interagency Agreements$0$605,091
4J5600-613Nursing Facility Bed Assessments$0$32,334,707
4J5600-618Residential State Supplement Payments$0$14,285,756
4K1600-621ICF/MR Bed Assessments$0$21,180,717
4N7600-670Wellness Block Grant$0$1,000,000
4R3600-687Banking Fees$0$592,937
4V2600-612Child Support Activities$0$124,993
4Z1600-625HealthCare Compliance$0$10,000,000
5A5600-685Unemployment Benefit Automation$0$6,892,757
5E3600-633EBT Contracted Services$0$500,000
5E4600-615Private Child Care Agencies Training$0$10,568
557600-684Apprenticeship Council Conference$0$15,000
6A7600-656Foundation Grants Self-Sufficiency$0$63,407
600600-603Third-Party Recoveries$0$13,000,000
651600-649Hospital Care Assurance Program Fund$0$217,740,460
TOTAL SSR State Special Revenue
Fund Group$0$337,207,388

Agency Fund Group

5B6600-601Food Stamp Intercept$0$5,283,920
192600-646Support Intercept - Federal$0$70,965,066
583600-642Support Intercept-State$0$17,175,008
TOTAL AGY Agency Fund Group$0$93,423,994

Holding Account Redistribution Fund Group

R12600-643Refunds and Audit Settlements$0$200,000
R13600-644Forgery Collections$0$700,000
TOTAL 090 Holding Account Redistribution
Fund Group$0$900,000

SECTION 5 .  That existing Section 58 of Am. Sub. H.B. 283 of the 123rd General Assembly is hereby repealed.

SECTION 6 .  That Sections 6.01, 18, and 22.16 of Am. Sub. H.B. 640 of the 123rd General Assembly be amended to read as follows:



CAP-785Rural Areas Historical Projects$4,838,500
CAP-786Rural Areas Community Improvements$13,537,300
CAP-817Urban Areas Community Improvements$27,066,000
CAP-818Community Theatre Renovations$1,210,000
Total Department of Administrative Services$46,651,800

Rural Areas Historical Projects

From the foregoing appropriation item CAP-785, Rural Areas Historical Projects, grants shall be made for the following projects:

Camden Town Hall and Opera House$75,000
Historic Hopewell Church$10,000
Preble County Historical Society$150,000
Allen County Museum Building Expansion$600,000
Allen County Railroad Museum$50,000
John P. Parker Historic Site Restoration$200,000
Grant Memorial Building$185,000
Steamship William G. Mather Maritime Museum$25,000
Bedford Historical Society$250,000
Fulton County Historical Society Museum
Lyons and Area Historical Society Train Depot
Middlefield Historical Society$45,000
Hancock Historical Society-New
Agriculture/Transportation Building$150,000
Henry County Historical Society Building
Holmes County Historic Building Improvements$25,000
Holmes County Historical Society Victorian
Harvey Wells House Restoration$100,000
Western Reserve Railroad Association Train
Station Improvements$10,000
Great Lakes Historical Society Renovations$200,000
Monroe County Park District Parry Museum$20,000
Morgan County Historical Society Building
General Sheridan Monument Restoration$6,000
Haydenville Museum$7,500
Overland Inn Historical Site$50,000
Spring Hill Historic Home$100,000
Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens$1,000,000
Gnadenhutten Historical Society$15,000
Van Wert Historical Society Red Barn Project$40,000
Marietta Lockmaster's House Renovation$50,000
New Matamorus Historical Society Renovations$25,000
Wayne County Old School House Renovations
Historical Society$150,000
Wood County Historic Courthouse$1,000,000
Mt. Pleasant Historical Society$10,000
Dennison Railroad Depot Museum$95,000

Rural Areas Community Improvements

From the foregoing appropriation item CAP-786, Rural Areas Community Improvements, grants shall be made for the following projects:

Southern Ohio Health Network Facility$100,000
Allen County Reservoir Feasibility Study$250,000
Belmont County Office Space$30,000
Meigs County Industrial Park$100,000
Lawrence County Industrial Park$100,000
Gallia County Industrial Park$100,000
Community Building - Belmont County$2,000,000
Watt Center - Belmont County$15,000
4-H Barn - Brown County$50,000
People Working Cooperatively Facility
Champaign YMCA$200,000
Clermont County Courthouse$50,000
Clermont County Visitor Information Center$50,000
Clinton County Firing Range$50,000
Coshocton Infrastructure Improvements$150,000
Bethlehem Water Well$2,700
West Lafayette Municipal Building Roof$7,200
Tuscarawas Township Safety Improvements$10,000
Village of Warsaw Improvements$39,100
Coshocton Softball Field Lighting Improvements$20,000
Defiance/Williams Flood Mitigation Project$1,350,000
Bellepoint Bridge Reconstruction$75,000
West After-School Center$50,000
Gallia County Water Projects$25,000
Fairmount Fine Arts Center$40,000
Guernsey Infrastructure Improvements$100,000
Tornado Warning Sirens - Guernsey County$60,000
Old Kenton Armory Improvements$100,000
Court House/City Hall Improvements - Highland
Holmes County Home Renovations$25,000
Old Children's Home Renovations - Holmes County$25,000
Fairport Community Center$150,000
Mentor Fire and Police Headquarters Relocation$100,000
Hanna House - Lake County$25,000
Perry Township Industrial Park Land Acquisition$65,000
Red Mill Creek Water Retention Basin$20,000
Madison Village Community Building ADA Upgrades$12,500
Mentor-on-the-Lake Erosion Control Project$135,000
Athalia Community Facility$20,000
Chesapeake Community Facility$20,000
Proctorville Community Facility$20,000
Lawrence County Water Projects$25,000
Downtown Parking Garage and Walkway - Licking
Institute of Industrial Technology$500,000
Outdoor Education Laboratory Construction -
Marion County$60,000
Medina County Engineered Fuel Project$575,000
Chester Court House$15,000
Meigs County Water Projects$25,000
Fort Piqua Hotel$400,000
Graysville Community Center$50,000
Midway Community Center$10,000
Chesterhill Water Tower Improvements$50,000
Morgan Infrastructure Improvements$100,000
Morgan County Economic Development$125,000
Secrest Auditorium Improvements$50,000
Diesel Powered Generators - Muskingum County$6,000
Muskingum County Center for Seniors$8,000
Maysville Community Improvements$10,000
Muskingum County Court House Improvements$65,000
Litter Prevention Complex - Muskingum County$17,300
Noble County Infrastructure Improvements$185,000
Lake Erie Islands Regional Welcome Center$500,000
Corning Community Center$10,000
Somerset Court House$100,000
New Lexington Community Center$125,000
Crooksville Family Recreation Center$70,000
Perry County Agricultural Society$75,000
Nelsonville Pool$100,000
Cave Lake Center for Community Leadership$350,000
Atwater Township Town Hall Improvements$100,000
Brimfield Township Community Center$75,000
Portage County Sheriff's Department Shooting
WSTB Equipment Upgrade$50,000
Richland Academy of Arts and Sciences Discovery
Mansfield Area YMCA$200,000
Mohican School in the Out-of-Doors Expansion$325,000
Mansfield Reformatory Preservation Project$100,000
Ross County Multi-Purpose Facility$50,000
Bellevue Society for the Arts$10,000
County Jail Improvements - Sandusky County$300,000
Southern Ohio Port Authority$50,000
Meadowbrook Park Ballroom Restoration$100,000
Eastern Ohio Developmental Alliance Equipment
Uhrichsville Municipal Building Improvements$80,000
Project Pride Town Hall$20,000
Marietta Nutrition Facility$100,000
Liberty Township Community Center$20,000
West Salem Town Hall$150,000
City of Rittman Recreation Center$125,000
Bryan Senior Center$450,000
Jerry City Town Hall Improvements$7,000
Bradner Historic Building$45,000
Fairfield Township Property Acquisition
Community R>ecreation Facility$150,000
Lighthouse Youth Center Improvements$250,000
Chagrin Falls Park Community Center - Seniors'
Room Construction$10,000
City of Willowick - Senior Center Remodeling,
Addition, and Completion$100,000
Painesville Township Greenspace$15,000
Clermont County Animal Shelter$22,500

Ross County Multi-Purpose Facility

Of the foregoing appropriation item CAP-786, Rural Areas Community Improvements, the $50,000 earmarked for the Ross County Multi-Purpose Facility is for a feasibility study for the facility. Yoctangee Park in Chillicothe, Ohio, is specifically excluded as a site from any feasibility study for a multi-purpose facility.

Portage County Sheriff's Department Shooting Range

Of the foregoing appropriation item CAP-786, Rural Areas Community Improvements, the $200,000 earmarked for the Portage County Sheriff's Department Shooting Range shall be distributed to the Portage County Sheriff's Department for utilization by that department for a training facility. Any structure so constructed with these funds shall be used by the Portage County Sheriff's Department as a training facility for ten years or moneys must be repaid to the state by Portage County. The Portage County Sheriff's Department may contract with other law enforcement agencies to use the training facility.

Urban Areas Community Improvements

From the foregoing appropriation item CAP-817, Urban Areas Community Improvements, grants shall be made for the following projects:

Cross Links 2000 - Middletown Downtown
Solon Community Arts Center$275,000
Cleveland Health Museum$1,000,000
Cleveland Jewish Community Center$350,000
Beck Center for the Arts$500,000
Cleveland School for the Arts$100,000
Hill House$325,000
Bellfaire/Jewish Children's Bureau$1,020,000
Karamu House Improvements$600,000
Halloran Ice Skating Rink$300,000
Cleveland Greenhouse Improvements$255,000
Alliance for Poles of America Facility
West Side Ecumenical Ministry$375,000
Solon VFW Memorial$7,000
Solon Senior Center$300,000
Brecksville Senior Development Project$10,000
Bentlyville Village Hall$30,000
Sterns Farm$70,000
Schaaf Community Center$100,000
Olmstead Community Center$100,000
Horizon Center$200,000
North Royalton Recreation Center$200,000
St. Vincent de Paul Recycle Project$250,000
Cleveland Free Clinic$370,000
Alta House$35,000
Rickenbacker House Restoration and Park$475,000
King Lincoln District Revitalization$1,425,000
J. Ashburn Youth Center$500,000
Columbus Downtown Initiatives Planning$1,900,000
Leo Yassenoff Columbus Community Center$400,000
Rickenbacker Air and Industrial Park$6,000,000
Clintonville Improvements$150,000
Grove City YMCA$35,000
Victorian Village Society$15,000
Beech Acres Family Center$50,000
Health Education Center$25,000
Convention Center Expansion Planning$500,000
German Heritage Museum$12,000
Lincoln Heights Health Center Improvements$1,000,000
South End Revitalization Project$100,000
Toledo International Youth Hostel Renovations$50,000
Sylvania Recreation Center$450,000
Sylvania Senior Center$300,000
Canton Civic Center$1,000,000
Canton Jewish Community Center Renovations$20,000
Canton Jewish Women's Center$100,000
J.R. Coleman Center$250,000
Gateway Social Services Building$450,000
Massillon Domestic Violence Shelter for
Battered Women$100,000
Massillon Civic Center$1,000,000
Football Hall of Fame$150,000
Stark Central YMCA $25,000
Stark County Convention and Visitors Bureau
Tourist Center$25,000
Akron Jewish Community Center Renovations$85,000
Oriana House$450,000
Cedar Grove Mausoleum Improvements$30,000
Amphitheater, Riverwalk, and Kinsman House
Fairlawn, Bath, Copley Community Center$65,000
Loew Field Improvements$50,000
Harvard Community Services Center Renovation
and Expansion$20,000
City of South Euclid-Construction of Complying
Community Ground Sign$5,000
Henn Mansion Renovation$25,000
Collinwood Community Service Center Repair
and Renovation$20,000
Bowman Park - City of Toledo$80,000
Godman Guild$65,000

Community Theatre Renovations

From the foregoing appropriation item CAP-818, Community Theatre Renovations, grants shall be made for the following projects:

Hayesville Opera House$50,000
Cleveland Public Theatre Improvements - Gordon
Markay Theatre Renovations$100,000
Stranahan Theatre$100,000
Holland Theatre$250,000
Lorain Palace Theatre Improvements$200,000
Ohio Ballet$250,000
Ritz Theatre Renovations$100,000

Sec. 18.  All items set forth in this section are hereby appropriated out of any moneys in the state treasury to the credit of the Arts Facilities Building Fund (Fund 030). Revenues to the Arts Facilities Building Fund shall consist of proceeds of obligations authorized to pay costs of the following capital improvements:



CAP-010Sandusky State Theatre Improvements$200,000
CAP-013Stambaugh Hall Improvements$500,000
CAP-033Woodward Opera House Renovation$250,000
CAP-037Canton Palace Theatre Renovations$750,000
CAP-044National Underground Railroad Freedom Center$3,500,000
CAP-045Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center$2,000,000
CAP-046Cincinnati Museum Center Improvements$200,000
CAP-048John and Annie Glenn Museum$500,000
CAP-051Akron Civic Theatre Improvements$1,000,000
CAP-052Akron Art Museum$2,500,000
CAP-056Ohio Agricultural and Industrial Heritage Center$2,500,000
CAP-063Robins Theatre Renovations$1,000,000
CAP-734Hayes Presidential Center-Museum and Home Improvements$750,000
CAP-735Paul Lawrence Dunbar House$672,000
CAP-741Adena State Memorial Renovations$3,888,000
CAP-742Ft. Meigs Museum and Exhibit Improvements$1,805,000
CAP-780Harding Tomb and Site Renovations$138,000
CAP-781Archives and Library Automation$300,000
CAP-784Ohio Historical Center Rehabilitation$500,000
CAP-786Piqua/Fort Pickawillany Acquisition and Improvements$435,000
CAP-789Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum Improvements$200,000
CAP-790Reese-Peters Site Improvements$250,000
CAP-798Multi-Site Fire and Security System Improvements$100,000
CAP-801Statewide Underground Storage Tank Removal$107,000
CAP-802Zane Grey Museum Improvements$280,000
CAP-803Digitization of OHS Collection$750,000
CAP-806Grant Boyhood Home Improvements$200,000
CAP-809Cincinnati Ballet Facility Improvements$450,000
CAP-811National First Ladies Library$500,000
CAP-812Dayton Performing Arts Center$9,500,000
CAP-813Cleveland Botanical Gardens $500,000
CAP-814Crawford Museum of Transportation and Industry$3,000,000
Total Arts Facilities Commission$39,225,000
Total Arts Facilities Building Fund$39,225,000



CAP-074Basic Renovations$15,483,848
CAP-149Basic Renovations - Regional Campuses$998,118
CAP-255Supplemental Renovations - OARDC$2,306,350
CAP-369Natural Habitat Research Site Improvements$500,000
CAP-425Physical Sciences Building$26,000,000
CAP-427Morrill Hall Renovation - Marion$1,364,050
CAP-484Page Hall Rehabilitation$10,300,000
CAP-485Botany and Zoology Building Rehabilitation$20,793,244
CAP-486Larkins Hall Addition/Rehabilitation$5,000,000
CAP-487Robinson Laboratory Replacement$2,500,000
CAP-494Nicklaus Center$500,000
CAP-531Animal and Plant Biology Level 3 Isolation Facility - OARDC$200,000
CAP-532Food, Ag, and Environmental Sciences$1,500,000
CAP-533Heart Hospital$2,610,000
CAP-534Main Library Rehabilitation$500,000
CAP-535Psychology Building$3,000,000
CAP-536Thorne Hall and Gowley Hall Renovations, Phase III - OARDC$4,195,974
CAP-538OSU Gateway Parking Garage$4,500,000
CAP-563Cleveland Botanical Gardens $500,000
Total Ohio State University$102,251,584

SECTION 7 .  That existing Sections 6.01, 18, and 22.16 of Am. Sub. H.B. 640 of the 123rd General Assembly are hereby repealed.

SECTION 8 .  That Section 18 of Am. Sub. S.B. 192 of the 123rd General Assembly be amended to read as follows:

SECTION 18 OF AM. SUB. S.B. 192/123RD GA

"Sec. 18.  (A) The Tobacco Oversight Accountability Panel is hereby created. The committee shall consist of the Director of Budget and Management or the Director's designee, three members of the House of Representatives appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, no more than two of whom shall belong to the same political party as the Speaker, and three members of the Senate appointed by the President of the Senate, no more than two of whom shall belong to the same political party as the President.

(B) The Panel shall develop appropriate achievement benchmarks for each of the following:

(1) The Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation Trust Fund;

(2) The Law Enforcement Improvements Trust Fund;

(3) The Southern Ohio Agricultural and Community Development Trust Fund;

(4) Ohio's Public Health Priorities Trust Fund;

(5) The Biomedical Research and Technology Transfer Trust Fund;

(6) The Education Facilities Trust Fund;

(7) The Education Technology Trust Fund.

(C) On or before December 31 July 1, 2000 2001, the Panel shall submit a report describing the achievement benchmarks developed under division (B) of this section to the Governor, the General Assembly, and the chairpersons and ranking minority members of the finance committees of the Senate and House of Representatives. Upon submitting the report, the panel shall cease to exist."

SECTION 9 .  That existing Section 18 of Am. Sub. S.B. 192 of the 123rd General Assembly is hereby repealed.

SECTION 10 .  That Section 22.01 of Sub. S.B. 245 of the 123rd General Assembly be amended to read as follows:

"Sec. 22.01.  Community Rehabilitation Centers

From the foregoing appropriation item CAP-812, Community Rehabilitation Centers, the Department of Youth Services shall designate the projects involving the construction and renovation of single county and multi-county community corrections facilities for which the Ohio Building Authority is authorized to issue obligations.

The Department of Youth Services is authorized to review and approve the renovation and construction of projects for which funds are provided. The proceeds of any obligations authorized under this section shall not be applied to any such facilities that are not designated and approved by the Department of Youth Services.

The Department of Youth Services shall adopt guidelines to accept and review applications and designate projects. Those guidelines shall require the county or counties to justify the need for the facility and to comply with timelines for the submission of documentation pertaining to the site, program, and construction.

For purposes of this section, "community corrections facilities" has the same meaning as in section 5139.36 of the Revised Code.

Local Juvenile Detention Centers

The amount reappropriated for the foregoing appropriation item CAP-829, Local Juvenile Detention Centers, shall be the unencumbered and unallotted balances as of June 30, 2000, in appropriation item CAP-829, Local Juvenile Detention Centers, plus $5,000,000."

SECTION 11 .  That existing Section 22.01 of Sub. S.B. 245 of the 123rd General Assembly is hereby repealed.


Appropriation Reductions

(A) In order to offset, in part, the additional appropriations provided by this act, the Director of Budget and Management shall take action to prevent expenditures and incurred obligations from the General Revenue Fund otherwise authorized to be made during the remainder of fiscal year 2001 in an amount totaling at least $125,000,000. By March 1, 2001, the Director of Budget and Management shall provide a report to the Speaker and Minority Leader of the House of Representatives and the President and Minority Leader of the Senate documenting such action.

(B) No reduction of fiscal year 2001 appropriation authority for the Department of Education, the Ohio School for the Blind, the Ohio School for the Deaf, the SchoolNet Commission, the School Facilities Commission, or the Judiciary/Supreme Court shall be made in order to comply with division (A) of this section.

(C) Fiscal year 2001 appropriations for the following purposes are exempt from any reduction made pursuant to this section: property tax allocation appropriations; tangible tax exemption appropriations; appropriations for debt service, including lease rental payments; all state office building rent and office building appropriations made to the Department of Administrative Services; and pension system payments made by the Treasurer of State.

SECTION 13 .  (A) There is hereby created the Ticket To Work Program Evaluation Committee, which shall consist of the following members:

(1) Three members of the Senate appointed by the President of the Senate, no more than two of whom shall belong to the same political party as the President;

(2) Three members of the House of Representatives appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, no more than two of whom shall belong to the same political party as the Speaker;

(3) The Director of Job and Family Services or the designee of the Director;

(4) The Administrator of the Rehabilitation Services Commission or the designee of the Administrator;

(5) The Director of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities or the designee of the Director;

(6) The Director of Mental Health or the designee of the Director;

(7) The Director of Budget and Management or the designee of the Director.

The Committee shall select from its members a Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson.

(B) The Committee shall do all of the following:

(1) Determine the costs associated with establishing in Ohio a ticket to work and self-sufficiency program under the "Ticket To Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act of 1999," 113 Stat. 1860, 42 U.S.C.A. 1320b-19, as well as sources of funds that may be available for the program;

(2) Determine the number of people likely to enroll in such a program;

(3) Determine the barriers and impediments to establishing such a program;

(4) Address any other issues the Committee considers pertinent.

(C) Not later than March 31, 2001, the Committee shall complete its work and submit a report on the matters specified in division (B) of this section to the President and Minority Leader of the Senate and the Speaker and Minority Leader of the House of Representatives. The Legislative Service Commission shall serve as staff to the Committee. On submission of the report, the Committee shall cease to exist.

SECTION 14 .  Except as otherwise provided in this act, the sections of law contained in this act are not subject to the referendum. Therefore, except as otherwise provided in this act, under Ohio Constitution, Article II, Section 1d and section 1.471 of the Revised Code, the sections of law contained in this act go into immediate effect when this act becomes law.

SECTION 15 .  Section 1306.02 of the Revised Code, as amended by this act, is subject to the referendum. Therefore, under Ohio Constitution, Article II, Section 1c and section 1.471 of the Revised Code, the section as amended takes effect on the ninety-first day after this act is filed with the Secretary of State. If, however, a referendum petition is filed against the section as amended, the section as amended, unless rejected at the referendum, takes effect at the earliest time permitted by law.

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