130th Ohio General Assembly
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(124th General Assembly)
(House Bill Number 174)

To amend section 5573.21 and to enact section 5571.10 of the Revised Code to specify that township road projects may include landscaping and beautification.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Ohio:

SECTION 1.  That section 5573.21 be amended and section 5571.10 of the Revised Code be enacted to read as follows:

Sec. 5571.10. As part of improving or maintaining any road, upon petition or otherwise, the board of township trustees may provide for landscape and beautification projects along the road. Such projects may include planting trees or other plants and installing and maintaining decorative pathways, walls, signage, fencing, banners, fountains, and other similar features.

In providing for the projects, the board shall proceed in accordance with Chapter 5575. of the Revised Code.

The cost of the projects may be paid by any of the methods provided in section 5573.07 of the Revised Code, as determined by the board by resolution. If the board finds that the projects will result in general as well as special benefits, the portion of the cost that is found to represent the value of the general benefit may be paid from the general fund of the township treasury.

Sec. 5573.21.  The board of township trustees of a township in which there is located a municipal corporation or a part thereof, may, by resolution, erect that portion of the township not included within the corporate limits of such the municipal corporation into a road district, whenever in its opinion it is expedient and necessary and for the public convenience and welfare, for the purpose of constructing, reconstructing, resurfacing, or improving, the public roads within such district. The district so created shall be given an appropriate name by which it shall be designated.

After such a district has been created, the board shall have all the powers and duties which that it has under sections 5571.01, 5571.06, 5571.07, 5571.10, 5571.15, 5573.01 to 5573.12, 5573.14, and 5575.02 to 5575.09 of the Revised Code, and it shall proceed in like manner in the constructing, reconstructing, resurfacing, improving, maintaining, repairing, and dragging of township roads, or part thereof, in such cases as provided for the board in township road construction.

SECTION 2.  That existing section 5573.21 of the Revised Code is hereby repealed.

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